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Hi all!

Welcome to swimmers and non-swimmers alike.  Everyone can benefit from a home swim spa.  Forget the crowds of people competing for a swim lane, the inopportune times you are allowed to swim lengths, and the trek across the city summer and winter!  Woe to those who live in rural areas who can swim in their public pools only in the summer or worse yet, have no swimming pool in their communities at all.

When I was a kid I would swim anywhere–in a lake, in a pool and even in a slough where cows were drinking!  In retrospect, it was disgusting.  I am much more refined now, older and wiser you might say!

When my family moved to a town with a swimming pool, I thought I was in heaven!  I took swimming lessons and also participated in diving, speed swimming and synchronized swimming.    I spent hours every day at that pool and I sympathize with any child who never had that luxury.

I eventually became a lifeguard and swimming instructor and had the best summer job ever!

Where I am now…

I lived most of my adult life farming with my husband and raising our family.  The summers were the busiest time of the year and never left very much time for getting to town to enjoy the pool.  When the kids were grown and gone off to university, they decided none of them wanted to farm.  So we sold the farm and moved to the city.  With a substitute teaching job I was able to squeeze in some time for swimming and I bought a membership at a local indoor pool.  It was pretty good except for the negative aspects I mentioned in the first paragraph.  And so, again, I sort of neglected my passion.

A couple years ago my friend was visiting and we were all watching TV.  She was sitting in an awkward position sure to be a pain in her neck.  However, she informed me her neck was in good shape because she swims all the time.  Shocked, I asked her where she could possibly swim as there was no swimming pool for miles around her little rural town.  She explained that they had a little pool in their garage that was kind of like a treadmill, but for swimmers!

I had never heard of such an invention and so started to investigate.  It’s true!  There is such a thing.  It’s called a home swim spa and can be indoors or out.  It can be deluxe and be used as a hot tub as well, or it can be basic and used only for aquasizes and swimming.

What I want to do for you is to show you all kinds of swim spas, review them and help you to evaluate them, teach you how to accessorize yourself and your spa, answer any questions about a swimming program and hopefully tell you some good stories.  Maybe I could even find some good drink recipes for you to enjoy while socializing in your new hot tub/spa!

Happy swimming,


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